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XBOX 360 or PS3?

When Sony® started to build a super console with Nintendo® the original name was the play station x. This revolutionized the use of the cd rom and cd into games playing with the ability to listen to music with this console. Their sales hit the roof and changed the gaming world as we know it today and the game makers across the world to be part of their team. With this early success Sony decided to design a new one with built in screen for the use in traveling, mobile home and caravans which was of course the playstation1 with the idea that you could take it on holiday or on long journeys.Once again it was a big seller. And the reason? Well the difference being the words Backward Compatible in the gaming world this concept would keep all your original games and allow you to upgrade to the latest console and buy the new games as and when you could while still using some of your old favourites. Sony pressed on and produced the revolutionary PS2 , with an inbuilt DVD player and 2 USB ports (using a flash memory card allows you to download and upgrade games) an internet connection for playing online games, a very popular difference spawning many an online gaming forum amongst the many different games available FIFA and Resident Evil being just two to mention.

This gave Sony over 72% of the console market this from 1991 the first launch of the PS-X to sept 05. Of course that suffered a blip when Microsoft® introduced the XBOX 360. With better graphics, wireless controllers as standard, remote in Was the ultimate console from Microsoft® to be the death of the PS2. No, not when you know technology keeps moving us on. Welcome then the PS3. The difference? A remote internet connection, no done, wireless controllers, no done, better graphics yes, 20 GB or 60 GB hard drive, no done, removable yes it also has the ability to place your videos on file your photos music of course but the real beauty is in something called Blue-Ray disc technology. This has caused more than a stir in every quarter to do with film making and digital T.V. companies who have been promoting H.D.T.V.s. Why? Well Blue-Ray discs can simulate the same picture quality as an H.D.T.V. and creates 8.1 surround sounds. To date all of the top 7 of 8 film makers have embraced the Blue-Ray technology. Now the question is, is this the death of the XBOX 360? With a Blue-Ray DVD player costing anywhere up to £1000.00s. To own a Sony Playstation3 then for around £425.00 with the ability to go on-line play games store your files photographs and now watch the latest films in the best quality available. What’s your choice?

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