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Women As Men's Property – Secret Desires Of Women

The feminine mind still clings to the idea that a man is the owner of woman who chooses him. I say this at the risk of offending the modern woman. The idea that she is the property of her man is so firmly fixed within the mind of the woman that she clings to the one who exercises his ownership of her.

It is, therefore, easy for a woman to change her allegiance. After all, to a woman, allegiance is loyalty to a man who can successfully own her. A man who, even for a second, doubles his ownership of his woman, underestimates the power of her allegiance to him.

It is foolish of men to be amazed at how easy it is for a woman to transfer her affections and herself. A woman can transfer her affections and herself too, many times over, only because her previous owner did not maintain his ownership of her successfully.

In the past, woman was essentially and naturally the property or chattle of man. Marriage did not bear the significance it now has. It simply meant that man was the provider, supporter, and defender of woman. The woman was a mate who delided him, satisfied him, and brave him solace, and a person who kept home for him and became the mother of his children.

In olden days, it was possible to support, provide, and defend only if a man was strong, powerful, and cunning. Naturally, the ancient man maintained his mate by a show of strength, power, or cunning. His mate was his right, his property and not a partner in mutual maritime agreement, as it is now.

Nothing much has changed at present. Secretly, no woman minds being owned. Although the history and origin of marriage is hidden, the essential nature of the marital relationship has not undergone a change. Women delight in being the property of their men. Secretly, she seeks a man who will consider it a glory to own her and who will strive to keep her safe, not just from material harm, but also from other potential owners. An interesting truth is hidden in the last fact.

Women love being defended from themselves. In fact, there is not much difference between men and women in this regard. Nothing makes a man more angry than an attempt made by another man to alienate the affections of or covet his most precious possession, his mate. A woman never gets angry with such a bold man. On the contrary, she regards his courageous quality as a compliment to herself. According to woman, allegiance is loyalty to a man who properly exercises his rights on her.

A woman offers herself herself to a man who proves that he is worthy of her, and she remains loyal to such as man. That is why all women, including the most modern of them, enjoy being informed and petted and made much of because they consider them as a priceless property to be appreciated and handled with care by man.

The world is male-dominated, not just in the hut or the cave, but also in most areas of life. Women secretly accept this dominion and even admire it, especially when it is exercised on themselves. This is what proves that the man is worthy in their eyes even though they rebel fiercely if the man carries it too far. Without a man continuously appreciating his gift of the woman by deed as well as by word, a woman will believe that he no longer appreciates his gift and, therefore, is not worthy of it. No wonder women laugh up their sleeves when a man sues another man for alienating his wife's affections.

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