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Why Multiple Streams of Income Theory Is a False God and Why You Should Beware!

We sure hear a lot of advice regarding the need for multiple streams of income do not we. And one could say this is something similar to the theory that; "I'd rather have 1% from 100 people instead of 100% from one person." Granted that is intuitive and appears to be common sense right? Sure, but I can also tell you as someone who has mastered some things to the point of being the best in the world at them, that it takes dedication and focus, not a scented mindset over so many multi-centuries.

This whole concept of "Multiple Streams of Income" was dreamed up by Multi-level Marketers because they'd often get rejections from folks who did not need any more money, did not want to spend the time to build down-line, and just did not want to get involved with the group or a new business. And since MLM is a lot like a "cult" the MLM Marketers introduced fear.

"You need multiple streams of income just in case one of them suddenly goes away!"

And this ploy is also used by insurance companies – you need to be insured in case something terrible happens. Yes, but if it does not and statistically it will not – that's why insurance companies make money on the deal, they are not doing it for their health or yours in some types of insurance, do not kid yourself.

You see, all this rhetorical and mind games get people utterly confused and conflicted, and the MLM companies know this, actually this same scheme is used in another way by the Global Warming Alarmists and their agenda, you're probably hearing them talk about " Sustainability "right? Sure you have, and you can not even watch the news for 5-minutes without hearing that word now, nor can you read an entire page of any major newspaper without seeing that word.

Okay so, I'm warn anyone who is off and running using this theory as their founding principle in work, career, and business because you also run into another common sense phrase; "Jack of all trades, master of none," and in the end if you are not the best in your field, the reality is you probably will lose
that income one day. You see, those who are the best will survive on reputation, quality, and ability.

Those who can not, well I guess they can go teach, or set up one of those MLM business scams? Please consider all this.

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