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The Fastest Way To Lose Weight Without Exercise Revealed

What do I know?

My doctor recently encouraged me to try this reliably new method, and he promised me that if I could make a solid commitment to trying this, that without doubt, I would find this to be the fastest way to lose weight, at least in the first few weeks, and that my weight loss would be steady and sustainable after that.

I accepted his challenge, did some research, bought a few cheap books, and I am now testimony to his recommendation.

I lost three kilograms (about 6 pounds) in the first two weeks, and in just two short months, I have lost 13 kilograms (almost 30 pounds).

That for me is without doubt, the fastest way to lose weight that I have found and had any success with in the longer term. OK, so just what is this "new" method. Not so fast there. The fact is that this is not really "new".

In fact, there has been strong medical evidence to prove that this one element which is heavily linked to the five main "costly" diseases in the world today (Obesity, Diabetes type 2, Heart disease, Hypertension, and Cancer) has been around or some time, but it is fair to say that not too many food manufacturers what this word to get around. I am sure you will understand briefly.

OK, you have waited long enough.

The one element which is now medically proven to be a major contributing factor to all the diseases mentioned above is FRUCTOSE, and unbeknown to most of us, it is in just about all processed food and even some of our natural foods that we all eat every day. Fructose, is probably not that well known, but I bet, if I mentioned Sugar, everyone would start to see the connection.

Well, sugar as we know it, the tiny white granules we put in our coffee and tea, is made up of 50% glucose, and 50% Fructose, and it is the "Fructose" which is causing us our health problems all over the world.

Do not believe me?

As I mentioned earlier, there is plenty of medical research which now proves without doubt, that Fructose is the "villain" and if we can remove this "villain" from our diets (or at least most of it) we are on the road to the fastest way to lose weight, as well as improving our health in the process.

Myth busted! – You do not need to exercise to lose weight!

Earlier, I mentioned earlier that this was the fastest way to lose weight that I have ever experienced, and that is absolutely the truth.

You see, I have struggled with mobility issues for several years, so exercise has always been difficult for me, and always very uncomfortable, so to be offered an opportunity to lose weight fast, without exercise, was one I just had to accept. And now, just three months on, and 13 kilograms lighter, I stand by the fact that exercise is not necessary. That said, exercise does help burn off calories, so if you can exercise, you will find that combined with reducing your sugar intake, this is definitely the fastest way to lose weight!

So, is reducing Fructose from your diet hard?

You better believe it. The first few weeks are tough, very tough, but I can say with confidence now that once you can break the addiction (yes, addiction) to sugar, you are half way home. That first three to four weeks is definitely the hardest, but because the weight loss is quite rapid through those first few weeks, that helps keep you motivated, as you can see that this method is working.

I am now for the fist time in probably twenty years, looking and feeling great, with friends commenting on how good I look now I have shed so much weight. So too, now I have lost so much weight, I am more able and more motivated to start walking which I have just not been able to do for such a long time.

Apologies if I seem a bit passionate here but …

I could go on an on about this, as this is without doubt, the fastest way to lose weight, but most importantly, taking this reduced Fructose approach is helping me to lead a much healthier life, and for me, that is so very important .

I am now committed to spreading the word about this to as many people as possible, and I have started a blog, which details more about the "how and why", the "health benefits", and some very "compelling videos" which I hope will inspire others to try this method as well.

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