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Sex Tricks That Will Have Her Orgasming in Just Seconds! A Must Know For Every Man

If you really want your girl to achieve one earth-shattering orgasm after another then there are certain moves that will have her moaning for more.

Use these sex tricks to have your girl orgasming in just seconds.

Stimulate her brain. You should make sure that your girl is mentally aroused and is anticipating bed-breaking sex much before the actual act. Dine out in style, walk romantically hand-in-hand in a park or on the beach or take a swim together to get into romantic mood before you get into a lustful mood in the room of your choice.

Go slow. Undress seductively and do the same with her. Do not be in a hurry to indulge in sexual intervention but instead indulge in oral sex to make her achieve explosive orgasms within seconds. Use your fingers to stimulate and explore her g-spot so that she climaxes within seconds. Make sure to light tap her g-spot inside her vagina and use two or three fingers in a pumping motion so that she climaxes again within a few seconds.

Use your tongue . Also use your tongue to perform cunnilingus and stimulate her clitoris towards another major orgasm. Flick your tongue in, out and sideways into her vagina so as to stimulate her sensitive clitoris. Probe deeper as you increase the frequency of your flicks. Your actions will be met with moans of unbridled pleasure as your girl hurtles towards another body twitching orgasm.

The grand finale. After a few back-breaking orgasms through oral sex, your girl will be ready and begging for intercourse and you can oblige her by mounting her in some unusual positions. Try out positions that offer maximum body contact as well as penetration while ensuring that both you and your girl are not uncomfortable. Your girl is sure to cry out your name even as your increasing thrusts lead her towards a combined mind-blowing orgasm.

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