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Lessons In Business Success From Muhammad Ali

Whether you like boxing or not there is no question that Muhammad Ali still remains a respected figure when it comes to becoming a champion and achieving great success. So what can you learn from him and apply in your own business in order to realize your own great success?

Let's look at two quotes from Muhammad Ali:

'He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life.'

I hated every minute of training, but I said, "Do not quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion."

This does not mean that you have to suffer to succeed and build a great business, but these quotes should make you consider what achieving success is worth to you?

Is it worth putting in a few extra hours a few week to start your own venture that can then give you the freedom you have dreamed about for so long? You may have been afraid to just up and quit your job and start your own company so far for fear of financial security and income. Though today you can realistically kick off a new enterprise in a few hours a week, and wait until your revenues start rolling into tell your boss what you think of them. Many entrepreneurs today, armed with the right business models are making incredible incomes in just a few hours a week, while having plenty of time to enjoy life to the max.

Is achieving true financial freedom by having a business that works for you instead of your working for it worth a small investment. It really does not cost a lot to start your own business today. In fact it has never been easier to launch your own start up. With a little coaching, a website and a reasonable marketing budget you could finally be able to be free from your corporate chains and be confident in being able to enjoy a comfortable retirement.

Sure you may face a little criticism and doubt from coworkers and those close to you. Although is not it worth it to be able to craft a business and lifestyle that these critics have only dreamed of, yet have been too afraid to attempt themselves. Make them eat their words.

Starting your own company may take a little hard work in the beginning, but is not that more than a fair trade for being able to have money working for you for the rest of your life instead of you having to work for your money and depend on your boss' good moods to bring home the bacon?

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