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Just Who Is Steve Jobs?

Since his death on October 5, 2011, the media has just been who is Steve Jobs ? The accolades and praise for this man came from everyone from President Obama, to competitor Bill Gates and other people from the world of government, technology and business. To hear these people talk this man was nothing short of a super hero technological giant.

The truth is that like each and every one of us, Steve Jobs was many things to many people. A caring and considerate son to his adoptive parents, a close brother to his biological sister Mona Simpson, a loving husband and father to his wife Laurene and children Erin, Eve, Reed, and Lisa, a Demanding Employer, a trusted adviser, friend, and competitor to others in the computer industry, and a savvy business man who had the ability to think outside the box. I ask you to still question who Steve Jobs is and the type of mark for generations to come.

To millions of Americans and other people around the world he was simply another billionaire whose life had little to do with their own. In this thinking, they could not have been more wrong. This man and his innovative thinking and tireless directive managed to touch the lives of almost every man, woman, and child around the world.

By now, most people have at least heard some version of the story how in the 1970s Jobs knocked out of college and with his friend Steve Wozniack and some others began building and selling personal computers from his garage and how these computers were some of the first successful personal computers to hit the market and how those computers began the foundation of The Apple computer company. This led to the beginning of the computer revolution that would sweep the world and make jobs a millionaire before he reached the age of 30.

He left the company in 1985 only to return in 1996 and became the CEO and the face of Apple as well as the driving force behind the I series of technological equipment such as the Ipad and the IPhone. Taking over the field and becoming light years ahead of its competitors in the tablet computer niche.

For Jobs, work did not end with computers he was also CEO of Pixar the company that produced Toy Story and when Walt Disney world purchased the Pixar company he became the largest shareholder of Disney stock.

Diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer in 2003, Jobs continued his tireless work with Apple pushing for more and more innovation. He took a 6 months leave from the company from January to June of 2009 to deal with health issues but, returned to the helm of the company that he loved and had beloved his sweat into for most of his adult life where he continued as CEO until just weeks before his death, stepping down as head of the company, but remaining on the board of directors.

In the months to come, when people read the biography of this man they will discover that he was just an ordinary man who was a bit of a dreamer and had the determination to make his dreams come true and encouraged others to make their come true as well. He was in many ways living proof that the American dream still lives and that through hard work, dedication, and pure stubbornness you can realize that which seems impossible.

Steve Jobs is simply a man who had the grit and determination to make his dream come true and in doing so changed the lives and the future of millions of people around the world. Learn even more about Who is Steve Jobs and what traits of his can help with your own life.

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