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I Want My Husband Back! Five Helpful Tips

"I want my husband back!" many women who see their marriage falling apart in front of them. It usually happens slowly and quietly and before you know it your marriage looks like it is coming to an end. If you are not willing to let your marriage die, if you do not want it to fall apart in front of you, then do something about it. Here are 5 helpful tips to help you get your love back when you are saying "I want my husband back!"

1. You must realize that the blame is not solely on one person. It's on both of you. If you are willing to make changes, then your husband will also. Sometimes it comes down to the way you look at a situation.

2. Start with where you are in life and see where you want to be in life. Look at what drives you and makes you happy. Look for the same things with your husband. Try to find some common ground. You will find that common ground if the love is there.

3. Once you find that common ground, use it to your advantage. If something makes both of you happy, find ways of doing that thing together. Make it seem like a spontaneous idea, and make it seem like it was his. Try and bring some excitement about it. Do not over do it with the excuse though.

4. Both of you have to participate in making things better. Do not bear all the weight on your shoulders or all on his. This is a team effort to get things back to what they were.

5. When you find something you both love doing and are doing it, do not be afraid to tell him how special you think he is and how much you appreciate him. Let him know your feelings. Let him know that, "I want my husband back." You may find out that he wants you back too.

You must realize that you may not get your relationship back to what it was at its peak. You may be saying that same line of "I want my husband back" but you must realize that it will take time also. Only better times will come if you keep to these 5 points. If you would like to learn more, check out the website below for some great articles and info on dating, getting your husband back, and other related topics.

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